About the Project

In 2023, the City of Nashua engaged CivicBrand to conduct a series of place branding workshops with City staff and community organizations.

The workshops (and accompanying report) resulted in several recommendations for the City to implement over the next several years. One such recommendation was to define a unique vision and story for the community that drives increased civic pride, becomes embedded in the City government’s decision-making process, and stands out in the region. This subsequent branding and placemaking initiative is called Define Nashua.

What is a place brand?

A place brand is not a logo or slogan — it is the beliefs, vision and story that defines a place, attracts others to it, and inspires residents to share their civic pride. This project is about defining the essence of Nashua, the beliefs that bind us together, and the pride we take in our community. Define Nashua will uncover the story of our community and develop tools to help share who we are and where we are going.

What is placemaking?

Placemaking is the act of shaping the physical and social character of a place. It inspires people to reimagine and reinvent public spaces to improve livability and increase the connection between people and the places they live. This project will carry out tactical placemaking projects and make recommendations for the long-term improvement of our built environment to build a more vibrant Nashua.

Why is this project important?

If we don’t proudly define our story, someone else will – and there’s a good chance we won’t like what they say. Define Nashua is a chance for our community to come together, control our story, and share our pride while making real improvements to the fabric of our city.

Project Timeline


Research & Engagement

Spring & Summer 2024
Learning all about what makes Nashua, Nashua.

Brand Development

Summer & Fall 2024
Developing the brand strategy and designing and testing the brand identity.


Winter 2024 and beyond
Getting the brand into the real world.

July 18, 2024
Visit 1 Recap

The first visit to Nashua (July 8-10) as part of the Define Nashua project was both productive and inspiring. Along

July 8, 2024
Staff Workshop Recap

The Define Nashua project recently held an in-person workshop with leaders from various city government departments. The focus of the

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