Staff Workshop Recap

The Define Nashua project recently held an in-person workshop with leaders from various city government departments. The focus of the workshop was to discuss and align on community values and organizational values and how they collectively shape the vision for Nashua’s future.

During the workshop, we engaged in dynamic discussions to identify and understand the core values that are important to both the community and the organization. Participants then collaborated on creating diagrams to illustrate how each department’s efforts and initiatives support these shared values and contribute to the overarching vision for Nashua. This exercise helped clarify specific actions each department can take to embody and promote these values.

The session concluded with an exploration of Nashua’s “brand” and its significance. We discussed the reciprocal relationship between the brand and departmental actions, highlighting how the brand supports departmental efforts and how, in turn, these actions reinforce and enhance the brand. This comprehensive approach ensures that all departments are unified in their mission to foster a cohesive and vibrant future for Nashua.

You can view the slides used during the workshop here.

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